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A few images from Tasha & Tyler’s November 5th wedding at the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel.

My final wedding for 2017, and I couldn’t have had a better one to finish the season on - fun & laughter right through with an upbeat bride and groom, and including some very funny speeches (though emotional at times too).

The First Dance was followed with a fantastic firework display to round things off, and we finished with a bang!

Images by Phil Rees and Andrew Evans © Phil Rees Photography 2017
Grosvenor-Pulford-Wedding-NT (1)Grosvenor-Pulford-Wedding-NT (2)Grosvenor-Pulford-Wedding-NT (3)Grosvenor-Pulford-Wedding-NT (4)Grosvenor-Pulford-Wedding-NT (5)Grosvenor-Pulford-Wedding-NT (6)Grosvenor-Pulford-Wedding-NT (7)Grosvenor-Pulford-Wedding-NT (8)Grosvenor-Pulford-Wedding-NT (9)Grosvenor-Pulford-Wedding-NT (10)Grosvenor-Pulford-Wedding-NT (11)Grosvenor-Pulford-Wedding-NT (12)Grosvenor-Pulford-Wedding-NT (13)Grosvenor-Pulford-Wedding-NT (14)Grosvenor-Pulford-Wedding-NT (15)Grosvenor-Pulford-Wedding-NT (16)Grosvenor-Pulford-Wedding-NT (17)Grosvenor-Pulford-Wedding-NT (18)Grosvenor-Pulford-Wedding-NT (19)Grosvenor-Pulford-Wedding-NT (20)